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How Alpha Works?

Alpha Basketball Academy curriculum is ‘ability based’, which means that training focuses on building the athletes own individual strengths. Players progress at each level as they master specific skills and demonstrate core attributes.

See the athletes pathway below:

Freshman ~ The starting level for all athletes as you learn the foundations of the game. Here is where athletes learn how to create habits in movement, balance and coordination.

Sophomore ~ At this level, athletes learn to combine basic skills that make you effective on the court. Players experiment with drills that allow them to discover themselves.

Junior ~ Here athletes develop advanced individual skills within team concepts. Increase leadership abilities on and off court by assisting in the development of those within the team.

Senior ~ At the final level, athletes continue building skills specific to their game preparation and combined master leadership attributes that make a complete basketball player, on and off the court.





~ 6pm to 8pm Wednesday’s

~ Limited to 20 Athletes

~ Previous Athletic Experience Required

~ 12+ Years Old

~ 7 Week Program

~ 2 Hour Sessions

~ In-Session Maintenance

~ Ball Handling & Shooting

~ Unguardable Scoring Moves

How Beta Works?

For players starting from 5 years of age, these classes cover the Blueprint FUNdamentals such as Catch, Pivot, Pass, Dribble and Score. This is an ideal level for anyone new to basketball. Graduates move up to ‘Alpha’ Classes for a more detailed development program.




~ 6pm to 7pm Wednesday’s

~ Limited to 20 Athletes

~ No Previous Athletic Experience Required

~ 5 – 13 Years Old

~ 7 Week Program

~ 1 Hour Sessions

~ Improve Coordination

~ Foundation Skills

~ Family Environment

Have any questions?

0437 909 713

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