Complete training modules remotely, anywhere in the world through our online dojo strictly for members only. Access all video’s and download training documents to ensure your improvement is recorded and tracked.

Players can see their progress at every stage of the program to advise them how close they are to completing a ‘Wing Test’.

Once three (3) Wing Tests have been completed, players are then required to perform Grading which can be done by submitting video evidence for review by a qualified Alpha Trainer. Successful players can then have the next level of curriculum ‘unlocked’ to continue their development.


As a Freshman, players are just beginning their journey in basketball. Here they learn important foundations that need to be established in order to progress further. Without them, progress is limited. Curriculum covers:

  • Flexibility
  • Balance
  • Strength
  • Coordination

As Sophomore’s, players have established solid foundations that allow them to decide how further development is going to travel. This is where players get to truly experiment with their new tools and discover new capabilities they’ve only dreamed of. Curriculum covers:

  • Ball Handling
  • Athlete’s Mindset
  • Shooting
  • Scoring Options
  • Team Concepts

As a Junior, players start to develop and solidify strong habits that is evident by the highest level of confidence that is immovable under pressure. Junior’s begin to truly value leadership and personal development in all area”s of life. In addition to skills and athletic growth, this curriculum covers:

  • Planning & Execution
  • Nutrition & Meditation
  • Offensive Signature Moves
  • Complex Team Systems

Senior’s, like the statue of David, work to refine their skill and athletic habits for maximum performance. This is for the serious Alpha Athlete and requires consistent dedication to master themselves. Generally speaking, Seniors are pro or near professional players who want the most quality training for peak performance. Curriculum covers:

  • Exercise and Rest
  • Duress Ball Handling
  • Offensive Signature Moves 2.0
  • Leadership and Contribution